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 Top 10 Questions Barn Camera FAQ

1. Do I need electricity at the camera location?

Most newer systems will not require an electrical outlet at the camera location.  The wire that comes with our kits provides power to the camera as well as camera stream connection.  We would need power in the building or on the pole.

2. Do I need an internet connection in the barn?

In order to view the camera in the barn on a a phone or in the house, a wireless connection is required.  Usually an antenna on the barn and house will form a network connection so the camera views are now available in the house and on your phone if you have internet connection on the farm.

3. Can I see the camera on my phone?

Yes, you will need a internet connection on the farm so your phone can see the barn camera on and away from the farm

4. How expensive are camera systems for the barn?

A single stationary camera with antennas runs about $1.000.   A rotating camera system will run a bit more to $1,200.

5. Can I install a system by myself?

Yes.  Most barn camera systems by On Sight are easy to install.  Plus, our tech support team can help every step of the way during your install.

6. How long should a camera system last?

Our cameras have a 5 year warranty.  So you have no risk for the first 5 years.  We have cameras that are still operating after 10 years.

7. Do I need tech support?

Our customer support team is really good at making sure your investment keeps working year after year.  Plus, if you get a new phone or want to make changes to your existing system out South Dakota based team is here to help.

8. Should I get one PTZ rotating camera or multiple stationary cameras?

PTZ camera are very good at monitoring a very large area.  The ideal position is high in a barn loafing area or on a utility pole outside.  If you have a barn with a low ceiling or a small area to monitor, 1 or more stationary cameras are a better fit.

9. Do wifi cameras work in a barn?

Wifi has a hard time penetrating steel and has a very limited distance capability.  If you barn is more than 50 feet away and has steel siding, a wifi camera will have issues.  We recommend a dedicated antenna system to make sure the camera feed is strong in bad weather.

10. How many people can monitor my cameras?

The only limitation to viewing the cameras is the internet connection at your farm.  If you have fiber at the farm, multiple people can monitor the cameras all day and night with no issues.  If you internet connection is slow, the camera feed off the farm will be delayed and sometimes cut off.

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